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ASHA KIRAN SELF started with the vision of mankind. Mrs. Kiran Devi said, “life is not about finding yourself, life is about making yourself ASHA reflects to HOPE “KIRAN reflects “way”, SELF reflects to “LIFE” Jt mean “ALWAYS hope to find a way for your “LIFE”.. Ms. Honey Shree is carrying over this vision to the next generation to help people psychologically, socially, and physically with their services. Our message for the world is to love one another. ‘Sharing this message with our services all over the world. We want whoever has the same heart.we welcome them to be a partner and let us all try together to male this earth a better place to live healthily. Life is important and we have only this life to live. Our work is for mankind to guide and help the person to live a happy lifestyle In this modern world.

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