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Internship Programme Internship Ashakiran Self Clinic

A psychology internship program provides students or recent graduates in psychology with practical, hands-on experience in various psychological settings under the guidance of licensed professionals. These programs offer opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge gained through academic study in real-world settings. Here’s an overview of a typical psychology internship program:

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The primary goal of a psychology internship is to offer participants the chance to gain practical experience in the field of psychology. Interns work under the supervision of licensed psychologists or other mental health professionals to apply their knowledge and skills.


Internship programs can take place in diverse settings, such as hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities, schools, community centers, research institutions, or private practices.

Learning Objectives

:* Interns typically have specific learning objectives or competencies they aim to achieve during the program. These could include gaining experience in conducting assessments, providing therapy or counseling, assisting in research, or developing treatment plans.

Supervision and Mentorship

Interns receive supervision and mentorship from experienced psychologists or licensed professionals. Supervisors guide interns in their work, provide feedback, and ensure that ethical standards and best practices are followed.

Hands-On Experience

Interns engage in a range of activities, which may include conducting assessments, administering psychological tests, observing therapy sessions, participating in treatment planning, providing support to clients, or assisting in research projects.

Professional Development

Internship programs focus on the development of professional skills, ethical practices, cultural competence, and understanding of diverse populations.

Duration and Requirements

The duration of internship programs varies, but they often last for a specified period, such as a semester or a year. Requirements for participation may differ among programs, and some internships might offer stipends or academic credit.

Evaluation and Feedback

Interns are typically evaluated on their performance throughout the program, and they receive feedback to help them improve their skills and competencies.

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Internship programs in psychology provide valuable practical experience, networking opportunities, and a chance to apply classroom knowledge in real-world situations. They serve as a crucial step in the professional development of aspiring psychologists or mental health professionals.

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